Speaker Brent Strehlow
Date October 2007
Title How to get out of that rut?
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Extended DISC
Work Pair Analysis

Work Pair Analysis This report compares two individuals on the Extended DISC Model. We use this report for boss/employee relationships, two co-workers assigned to one account/project, husband/wife, and conflict management between two people/employees. The context of the relationship determines the application of this report. For example there is a difference in interpretation in a boss/employee relationship versus two co-workers.

This is a four-page report. The first page compares the two styles on the Extended DISC model. The second and third pages analyze forty specific areas and compare their natural strength in that area. The final page provides text information on what to remember, accept and practice in this relationship.

Some of the applications of this report are:

Boss and employee for new employee orientation
Boss and employee during a reorganization
Boss and employee for relationship and productivity improvement
Client and Account Representative
Co-workers on the same account
Co-workers working on a project
Husband and wife
Parent and Child (We recommend children to be high school age or older.)